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Commercial Roofing Los Angeles Installs Flat Roofs

Some of our clients would ask our commercial roofing Los Angeles specialists about the flat roof and if their commercial building could benefit from it. This post will explain what this type of roof is and how it could be useful to your building.

Commercial Roofing Los Angeles Specialists May Recommend Flat Roof 

Flat roof, per se, protects a building. It plays a huge role in draining water from the roof to the ground. When we recommend this roof, we do so to protect the building.

However, we make sure that the installation is done properly to prevent water ponding. We avoid installing a completely flat roof because it does not drain water thoroughly. Keep in mind that if the water stays within the roof, it can cause damage that may require treatment later on.

Now, the question is when do we recommend it? Flat room is an inexpensive way to extend the life of your commercial building. It lowers the overall cost of constructing the building.

If you think that flat roof is the ideal option for you, then you can have many options as to what materials to use. We can help you shop around for materials.

Once we have installed your flat roof, we can also install solar panels. Or you can add a vegetative garden to assist in climate control. It also reduces energy costs.

Are Flat Roofs Reliable 

Our commercial roofing specialists in LA will tell you that the lifespan of this roofing system can go up to four decades. With new materials available that can resist damage from hail, fire, and ponding, you can even lengthen its lifespan.

Because it can last up to 40 years, you do not have to replace your roof every five to 10 years. However, we do recommend that you have it inspected regularly. We can perform regular maintenance to ensure the roof’s longevity.

Many of our clients who own a commercial building would opt for a flat roof because of its many rewards. Depending on the materials used, this type of roof could help with thermal resistance. It means that it reduces heat leakage. It also lowers electrical costs for cooling and heating.

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What is the Maintenance for Flat Roof

In most cases, having a flat roof in your commercial building means that we can set it up and you can forget about it.

However, we recommend periodic maintenance. That is the flat roof will need to be cleaned so that the water will continue flowing to the ground. It stops ponding because the drains are not obstructed.

We recommend having it maintained every three months. However, if there is a significant weather condition, you should have it checked after the event. In that way, we can inspect if there is damage to the roof. If there is any, we can patch it up before it gets bigger.

Our commercial roofing Los Angeles specialists are ready to assist you if you need to install a flat roof or any type of roof in your commercial or residential building. We are just one call away from your house. Simply dial (800)286-2510 or (562)427-1604.

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